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Turn Their Passion Into Profession With Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd.
Presenting Online Hobby Classes for Kids, an Edutainment Platform For Children to Spread Their Wings.
Expert Trainers With 1 on 1 LIVE Classroom. Learn from The Best Within From The Comfort Of Your Living Room.


Online Hobby Classes for Kids Our Approach for Online Hobby Classes for Kids


Our experienced instructors are reflective, always open to change and welcome new ideas. But with all these great qualities there is one common driving force behind it – “the passion in what they do”.

Therefore, Passionate Teachers inspire students with Online Hobby Classes. The instructors at Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. are keen to spread positivity, and they genuinely enjoy teaching and engage with students.


Hobby Turtle’s Pvt Ltd teaching methodology is innovative to stimulate creativity. Playful games and other forms of visual exercises that will excite young minds and capture their interest.

Furthermore, Cooperative inspirational, and stimulating space helps to experiment and practice new tools, strategies and approaches. The ambition is to foster excellence and ingenious.


Our instructors are trained in online learning. We all understand that we can’t transfer an in-person teaching experience to an online platform. The hobby course’s curriculum, content, and delivery must be designed specifically for online learning and that’s what you will find with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd.

Similarly, We use cutting-edge technology to infuse quality learning. Our instructors are trained for attention holding, are confident, and are personally self.


Adding on the wings to the kids’ portfolios, Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd provides them certification for completing the hobby course. With this, the kids get a chance to individualize and stand out of the crowd and add value to their abilities.

Moreover, Certifications are necessary even in the admissions of prominent universities across the world and Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd ensures that goes seamlessly along with the kids’ added capabilities.


Online learning helps your child to get the comfort of their homes as well as learn different activities with expert trainers. Moreover, it helps them to create a platform that allows for a free exchange of ideas.

Moreover, Virtual education may be described as a tool for making the teaching-learning process more student-centered, creative, and adaptable. “Learning experiences in synchronous or asynchronous contexts utilizing various devices” is how online learning is best described.


With Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd, there are multiple batches for the kids’ different needs, and according to their varying availability. Thus, attending the sessions and not missing any of them due to the kids’ hectic schedules is assured with us.

Hence, Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd proves out to be the right destination for the kids and the best solution to cater to their hobbies.


Both Viditi and Jainiel are the passionate kids who envision to empower their fellow beings and inspire them to innovate, create, and discover their potential. Thus, to fulfil their creative idea, Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd has been founded with immense innovation, fun curriculum, skill-ensuring training, and satisfactory programs. It is the one-stop destination for the kids to develop a mindset and a 'heartset' that can fuel them up for a longer time. For both, the kids Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd is a dream company to develop resilient, confident kids equipped for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Online Hobby Classes For Kids

Learn Online 1-1 From Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd Trainers


“I always had a knack for learning new languages. Thus, I had recently joined the French language class of Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. Frankly, I am extremely happy with my progress. Thank you so much Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd.!”


“I have been learning a keyboard for around three months with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. And, I can already cover the new Bollywood songs and include my own solos on it. The lessons in the class are fun and, the teachers are amazing as well!”


“Since his childhood, my son has always had trouble focusing on anything. Hence, I decided to enlist him in the Paper Quilling class of Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. His focus and craftwork capabilities are back on track. Thanks, Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd!”


“My daughter has recently joined the Kick Boxing lesson of Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd to learn more about self-defense. As of now, she has trained for around three months, and for me, she looks to be pretty much self-sufficient. I’m so happy for her..”


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