It’s Time ToGet Curious!
Get Creative!!

Learn with Online Hobby Learning!
With The Help Of Expert Tainers By Virtual Learning!

It’s Time ToGet Curious!
Get Creative!!

Learn with Online Hobby Learning.
With The Help Of Expert Tainers By Virtual Learning!

“I have been learning guitar with Hobby Turtle for the last six months. And, I can already create my own chord progression and write solos on it. Thanks, Hobby Turtle!.”,q_auto/v1605035280/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-5_3988815c5/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-5_3988815c5.png?_i=AA

 “Cooking has always been my sole passion. And, it is thanks to Hobby Turtle that I have learned to prepare so many lip-smacking dishes within a short amount of time. I am ever so grateful to them!”,q_auto/v1605033924/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-7_399008428/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-7_399008428.png?_i=AA

“I was always very fond of watercolor art. However, even after going through various coaching sessions, I could not progress at all. Thank God, I found out Hobby Turtle during this dire situation. The art teachers here have changed my life!,q_auto/v1605035284/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-4_3987d02f0/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-4_3987d02f0.png?_i=AA

“Even though photography was one of my favorite leisurely activities, I could not do it properly. But, owing to the methods suggested by Hobby Turtle, I can click photos almost like a professional now!”,q_auto/v1605035288/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-3_398666461/Hobby-Turtle-Reviews-3_398666461.png?_i=AA

“My daughter always had a knack of dancing. So, through the reference of one of my colleagues, I enrolled her in the dancing class of Hobby Turtle. Trust me, I don’t regret my decision at all!.”,q_auto/v1605035293/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-1_398070c93/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-1_398070c93.png?_i=AA

“I always wanted my son to take part in theatre programs to build up his confidence level. And, thus, I opted for Hobby Turtle to help me out. As a proud father, I can say that the teachers of the organization have done a great job!”,q_auto/v1605035297/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-2_39816879d/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-2_39816879d.png?_i=AA

“Due to my hectic work-life schedule, I could not help my son to develop his singing talent. Hence, I chose Hobby Turtle to provide him with proper guidance. Thankfully, it was one of the best decisions of my life.”,q_auto/v1605035302/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-3_3982bc540/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-3_3982bc540.png?_i=AA

“Owing to the current condition of India, I wanted my daughter to learn at least one self-defence module. And, then, I came across the Karate Project of Hobby Turtle and signed her up there. I’m so proud about how much she has developed within these few months!”,q_auto/v1605035308/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-4_398329d1d/Hobby-Turtle-Parents-Feedback-4_398329d1d.png?_i=AA

Our Story

A lot of the kid’s time gets wasted staying at home, and they also get bored in-between schooling, self-learning, and other daily-life activities. Facing the same crisis, two vibrant kids, 9-year-old Viditi Vora, and 13-year-old Jainiel Shah came up with an excellent and outstanding solution for enhanced development and engagement among the kids. The idea of Online Hobby Learning Classes for kids their age.

With this thought in mind, the kids planned to become netizens and have several activities to cheer up with after kids’ daily tasks are accomplished. The transformation is not about internet usage for games and social media platforms, but for learning more creative activities and following the hobbies!

Preparation for DELF A1 Level Exam Learn French Online

Learn from an expert and certified trainer with 15 years of experience

Our Top Online Edutainment Categories

Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd created to Learn, Nurture & Celebrate Creativity!,q_auto/v1605035277/kIDS-aRT-HOBBY-TURTLE_345184cf0/kIDS-aRT-HOBBY-TURTLE_345184cf0.jpg?_i=AA


Indulging in quintessential art projects can help a child in improving their inventive way of thinking.
View More Courses,q_auto/v1605035281/Hobby-Turtle-COmputer-Science_32865a28a/Hobby-Turtle-COmputer-Science_32865a28a.jpeg?_i=AA

Coding and Computers

By learning Coding, a child can hone his/her problem-solving skills, logical thinking and improve concentration.
View More Courses,q_auto/v1605032747/Hobby-Turtle-Dance_3289670c5/Hobby-Turtle-Dance_3289670c5.jpeg?_i=AA


Through dance, a kid can learn about focus, teamwork, and sharpen his/her improvisational skills.
View More Courses,q_auto/v1605066740/Hobby-Turtle-Singing_3295c1267/Hobby-Turtle-Singing_3295c1267.jpeg?_i=AA


Singing plays a crucial role in building self-esteem, confidence, and emotional strength.
View More Courses,q_auto/v1605066744/Hobby-Turtle-Creative-Writing-2_33376216a/Hobby-Turtle-Creative-Writing-2_33376216a.jpeg?_i=AA


Calligraphy assists in developing the memory retention and motor skills of the kids.
View More Courses,q_auto/v1605066744/Hobby-Turtle-Musical-Instrument-1_3338d2dc1/Hobby-Turtle-Musical-Instrument-1_3338d2dc1.jpeg?_i=AA

Musical Instruments

Learning musical instruments can augment a child’s creative persona in a better way.
View More Courses

Some Insights

Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd created to Learn, Nurture & Celebrate Creativity!

Choose Your Category

Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd brings you an array of categories to choose from; these categories are perfectly designed for what you and your child are looking for. We understand the distinct depiction of creativity; thus, we give autonomy to choose your favorite category.,q_auto/v1605035301/hobby-turtle-process-1_36755c2ea/hobby-turtle-process-1_36755c2ea.png?_i=AA

Select Your Favorite Hobby

After going through the categories, it's time for you to chose the hobby that is perfect for you and you are longing to learn and excel.,q_auto/v1605035307/hobby-turtle-provncbncess-4_3737474ec/hobby-turtle-provncbncess-4_3737474ec.png?_i=AA

Click On Free Trial

After going through the categories and selecting your favorite hobby, it’s time for you to avail of a free trial. This trial will help you understand how you can ignite your imagination and engage yourself in fostering creativity and artistic pursuits with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd.,q_auto/v1605035311/hobby-turtle-processdfgdg-2_3735e6de1/hobby-turtle-processdfgdg-2_3735e6de1.png?_i=AA

Calligraphy - Italian Fonts

1st Jun 2021
by Virali Shah
5:30-6:30 PM

Online Hobby Learning Workshops

Online Hobby Learning Workshops

01234567890Timing: 04-05 PM I For 4 to 15 Age Group,q_auto/v1639052068/WhatsApp_Image_2021-12-07_at_17.03/WhatsApp_Image_2021-12-07_at_17.03.43_1_600x600?_i=AA

Christmas Decor

by Khushi Sanghavi
01234567890Timing: 04-05 PM I For 5 to 15 Age Group,q_auto/v1639051936/WhatsApp_Image_2021-12-07_at_17.03/WhatsApp_Image_2021-12-07_at_17.03.44_600x600-1?_i=AA

Christmas Art & Craft

by Deepak Yadav
01234567890Timing: 04-05 PM I For 4 to 15 Age Group,q_auto/v1639052183/WhatsApp_Image_2021-12-07_at_17.03/WhatsApp_Image_2021-12-07_at_17.03.43_600x600?_i=AA

Flameless Cooking

by Deepak Yadav


Our certified Instructors at Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd are hand-picked experts with years of experience in their respective domains. These instructors are well versed in interacting with the kids while nurturing their love for the craft. Being young and enthusiastic, they connect with children on an edutainment platform. With the help of student-level helping them shape up the skill along with lots of fun and frolic.


Facilities are not compromised with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd, even with it being a completely online platform! Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd provides online sessions that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. They are also recorded to provide further assistance if any kid misses a session due to any issue. It is the most convenient and integrated platform for upskilling a child’s hobby with passionate instructors.


When it comes to kids, their bags are always full of craving to learn many activities and to excel in several courses. Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd provides different sessions according to the varying needs of the kids. We customize the sessions understanding their psychic, and the courses are specially formulated to ignite more creativity and abilities in the kid, helping them stand out from the crowd.

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