Our Story

Our Story

A lot of the kid’s time gets wasted staying at home, and they also get bored in-between schooling, self-learnings, and other daily-life activities. Facing the same crisis, two vibrant kids, 9-year-old Viditi Vora and 13-year-old Jainiel Shah, came up with an excellent and outstanding solution for enhanced development and engagement among the kids.


With this thought in mind, the kids planned to become netizens and have several activities to cheer up with after kids’ daily tasks are accomplished. The transformation is not about internet usage for games and social media platforms, but for learning more creative activities and following the hobbies!

With this mind-blowing idea, both the kids approached their friends, they all listed some of their physical and mental hobbies which kids are keen to learn and enjoy. Before reaching out to their parents, Viditi, Jainiel talked about their needs and requirements. They thoroughly discussed several possibilities to come up with the best fitting solution.

Since the kids completed all the homework and research and our turn as parents was to provide a fruitful and working platform to them. We instantly decided to ink this concept and work for an effective solution for the desired needs, i.e., to form an integrated platform where kids can come and explore more and utilize their time.

Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd is a fantastic platform for the kids to fuel up their imaginations and foster their interests. They get all the provisions for building up their networks and connecting with the top hobby tutors and mentors and getting themselves master the art. Also, the trainers appointed at Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd are best at what they do, obviously a specialist, but they are also hand-picked while keeping in mind that they shape the next generation.

Moreover, with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd, the kids do not need to go to different places or travel more to fulfil their hobbies, and the parents also do not need to worry about their kids’ safety. Everything goes hand-in-hand seamlessly with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd, and it caters to all the hobbies that the kids have. In today’s time, hobby is not a leisure activity but a means to develop a child’s overall personality. It nurtures the inner drive and urge of a child to take their expressiveness to the next level.

As someone said, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. “We have seen examples of people who have turned people who turned their hobbies into million and billion-dollar careers.

Check out our easily navigable categorization and let the kids decide on what hobby to learn and upgrade!! And, always remember that we have everything fostering the kid’s interests and whenever there is a complaint, we are Getting Bored” Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd have a creative solution to it …….


“I always had a knack for learning new languages. Thus, I had recently joined the French language class of Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. Frankly, I am extremely happy with my progress. Thank you so much Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd!”


“I have been learning a keyboard for around three months with Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. And, I can already cover the new Bollywood songs and include my own solos on it. The lessons in the class are fun and, the teachers are amazing as well!”


“Since her childhood, my daughter has always had trouble focusing on anything. Hence, I decided to enlist him in the Paper Quilling class of Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd. His focus and craftwork capabilities are back on track. Thanks, Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd!.”

Urmi Bhavesh Shah

“My daughter has recently joined the Kick Boxing lesson of Hobby Turtle Pvt Ltd to learn more about self-defense. As of now, she has trained for around three months, and for me, she looks to be pretty much self-sufficient. I’m so happy for her.”

Dhaval Khantilal Shah
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